GIG OS: scam alert from Russian regulator

The Bank of Russia has blacklisted the Global Intergold (GIG OS) organization. The reason: the signs of a Ponzi scheme.

The Bank of Russia and the Investor do not recommend contacting companies from the Central Bank’s blacklist. This is fraught with loss of money.

According to the Central Bank, Global Intergold (GLOBAL INTERGOLD ONLINE LTD, GIG OS) operates on the Internet at,,

Also, unscrupulous members, as a rule, are promoted on social networks such as VK, Facebook, Instagram, Odnoklassniki, WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber messengers.

We do not recommend getting involved with «investment projects» promoting themselves with MLM. Product MLM is one thing, investment MLM is another. Practice shows that, as a rule, such MLM ends with the construction of a financial pyramid.

According to Valery Lyakh, director of the department for countering unfair practices of the Central Bank, «network marketing is not prohibited, but when investments are offered under the network marketing scheme, it always arouses suspicion.»

The black list of the Central Bank or the list of companies with identified signs of illegal activity in the financial market was first published on June 1, 2021 and is regularly updated by the Bank of Russia.

The list includes organizations that have signs of a pyramid scheme, an illegal lender, an illegal professional participant in the financial market (false brokers, binary options, illegal CFD dealers, pseudo funds, etc.).

The absence of this or that organization in the list is not the evidence of its good faith.

The date indicated next to the name of the scam is the date of publication. “The filter by year shows only in which year we identified signs of illegal activity. For the purposes of company verification, the year of detection is not very important. If the company is on the list, it is on the list. Make the appropriate conclusions,” — the Bank of Russia comments.

The Vloder website also has a blacklist of brokers, a blacklist of pyramids and scams, and a blacklist of lawyers.

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